We own a number of smaller businesses related to the event industry:

KOFI - Gourmet Coffee Station

Give your wedding or function that something extra by adding a flavourful dimension to the day. KOFI's trendy coffee station will provide your guests with the finest aromatic blends and only the best coffee. Their coffee will always be freshly ground and poured to perfection by our professionally trained baristas to ensure all-round excellence in brewing and serving.

Tap Twice Beer

Tap Twice beer provide a beer station with craft beer on tap. Their barmen will pour with passion and fill your glasses with the best lagers and ales. Beer = Happiness! VISIT FACEBOOK PAGE >

The Duchess Drinks Truck

Definitely the coolest addition you can have to your wedding or event. The Duchess provides a variety of drink options for your pre-drinks or your event and can park anywhere, giving not only a great vibe at your wedding or event, but providing delicious drinks like cocktails, bubbly, craft beers, coffee and much more.

The Duchess can also be used as a wedding car or prop for shoots. VISIT FACEBOOK PAGE >

Kiki Photo Booth

It goes without saying that the fun usually starts when the photo booth arrives.

Our Portfolio

As Goeters specialises in all things décor we have a very large portfolio of décor items, lighting and decorative structures. If you are looking for anything décor contact us for our full portfolio to see what we have to offer.

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